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  • Microscopical Stains and pH Indicators available in semi bulk and bulk packing as per AR/ACS Grade Specifications
  • Inquire about our special prices for Microbiolgical Culture Media in 5 Kg Packing
  • Giemsa Stain Solution for microscopy now available in 100ml , 250ml and 500ml pack size....order as per your requirement
  • AR GRADE / ACS GRADE Potassium Phosphates & Sodium Phosphates are available in 25 Kg & 50 Kg Bulk Packing

About Us

Techno Pharmchem was established 1986 with a vision to specialize in the development and manufacture of high purity laboratory chemicals and reagents which are the key ingredients for carrying out analysis in the Educational Laboratories, Research Centre and various other industrial applications.

Our current product range consists of approximately 1500 products. Many of these products are available in variety of grades such as Analytical Grade, Bacteriological Grade , HPLC & Spectroscopy grade to suit specific applications of the end users.

Our Quality Management systems at the manufacturing facility have been certified meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 : 2015.

These Quality systems are continually improved and provide complete traceability from Raw Material through to finished product.

Our Product Range includes

Laboratory Grade Reagents

These are General Purpose Reagents which are commonly used in carrying out day to day experiments in the Laboratories and many other potential applications. A wide choice of pack sizes is offered for these grade of chemicals. The careful maintenance of the quality in these chemicals offers “value for money” and ensuring the best quality always.

Analytical Grade Reagents

These are meant for carrying out research experiments where the high purity of the product is guaranteed. The certificate of guarantee provides the minimum assay and maximum limits of trace impurities.


These are highly purified reagents for use in biochemical research and analysis. They are specially purified in order to make them free from inhibitors such as heavy metals. This range includes amino acids, buffers, carbohydrates, enzymes and enzyme substrates.


The key to accurate results during the experiments depends upon the accuracy in the pH.This group includes Buffer Capsules , Powders and Solutions in variable packing to work in varying pH Ranges in chemical and biochemical fields.

Biological Stains

Provided as powder and ready to use solutions which have wide applications in Histology, Haematology, Cytology and Microbiology

Concentrated Volumetric Solutions

Manufactured from AR Grade Chemicals and supplied in sealed ampoules, these concentrated volumetric solutions produce accurately standardized solutions of specific normality, when diluted with distilled or deionised water.

These are convenient to handle, quick to make and produces accurate working solutions within factor limits 0.998 to 1.002

HPLC Grade Reagent

An extensive range of highly characteristic HPLC Solvents are manufactured and tested as per the latest techniques to obtain interference free HPLC separation and detection.Key parameters such as UV absorbance, transmittance, non volatile matter, moisture contents and assay are very carefully controlled and maintained.

The HPLC Grade Solvents are free from undesirable peaks and filtered through 0.2um filters for most perfect HPLC analysis.

Clinical Chemistry Diagnostic Reagents & Kits

These Reagents offer Simplicity, Accuracy and Reliability in routine tests and examinations in pathological laboratories and hospitals.

Dehydrated Culture Media & Culture Media Ingredients

We have a extensive range of Dehydrated culture media and selective supplements for the culture, examination, selection, isolation and transportation of clinically significant micro organisms from patient specimens.

All the culture media ingredients are specifically tested for their ability to support luxuriant growth of micro organisms.

PH Indicators & Solutions

We offer various types of indicators such as adsorption indicators, metal ion indicators, pH Indicators and redox indicators in powder as well as in solution forms, which are ready to use.