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  • Microscopical Stains and pH Indicators available in semi bulk and bulk packing as per AR/ACS Grade Specifications
  • Inquire about our special prices for Microbiolgical Culture Media in 5 Kg Packing
  • Giemsa Stain Solution for microscopy now available in 100ml , 250ml and 500ml pack size....order as per your requirement
  • AR GRADE / ACS GRADE Potassium Phosphates & Sodium Phosphates are available in 25 Kg & 50 Kg Bulk Packing


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Our Vision

To be a Leading, Dependable and First Choice supplier for all your needs of Laboratory Chemicals , Reagents , Culture Media and Laboratory Supplies.

Our Mission

To keep abreast of latest developments in the field of Science and Technology and to be in touch with scientific community worldwide to serve you better and make further improvements in products and services.

About Techno Pharmchem

Techno Pharmchem was established 1986 with a vision to specialize in the development and manufacture of high purity laboratory chemicals and reagents which are the key ingredients for carrying out analysis in the Educational Laboratories, Research Centre and various other industrial applications.

Our current product range consists of approximately 1500 products. Many of these products are available in variety of grades such as Analytical Grade, Bacteriological Grade , HPLC & Spectroscopy grade to suit specific applications of the end users.

Our Quality Management systems at the manufacturing facility have been certified meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 : 2015.

These Quality systems are continually improved and provide complete traceability from Raw Material through to finished product.

Our Product Range includes

Laboratory Grade Reagents

These are General Purpose Reagents which are commonly used in carrying out day to day experiments in the Laboratories and many other potential applications.
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Key Benefits

  • Competitive Prices.
  • Assured High Quality Products.
  • High Accuracy in analytical results.
  • Savings in Laboratory & Purchasing Costs.
  • Customized Quotations.
  • Customized Delivery Schedules.
  • Custom Synthesis.
  • Specifications according to customer requirements.
  • Prompt response to requests for information and queries.
  • Quality & Safety Documentation Support.
  • Packaging Safety & Palletisation.
  • Team of Qualified Chemists for technical assistance.
  • Faster Delivery.
  • Worldwide network of reliable distributors.